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Master Naba's Book is almost ready! Everyone who pre-orders his book will receive a PERSONALLY SIGNED COPY! This is a limited time offer, so enter your email address below to receive information on ordering. Master Naba will also be signing copies of his book at the African Festival of the Arts held September 3-6 in Washington Park, Chicago. Stop by The Earth Center table to purchase a book and have it signed by Dogon Priest and Healer Master Naba!

To receive information on ordering Master Naba's first book in English (he has published over 25 books in other languages), enter your email address here.

Udjahee! Welcome to The Earth Center! The Earth Center is dedicated to promoting and preserving the culture and spirituality of the Traditional African System. Founded and led by Dogon Spiritual Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, The Earth Center is the only authentic initiatic center that has been approved by the Elders and is authorized to teach the Mystery School Initiations outside of Africa.

Master Naba, our founder, director, High Priest and Master, is in the USA only for a limited time. He will tenatively be leaving by Feb. 2004, unless the demand for his classes/services proves his return home to be impossible at this time. If you are interested in starting Earth Center activities in your area, do so now before it is too late!

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For the first time outside of Africa, initiates can now learn Traditional African Healing Techniques and become a Certified Ankhkasta Healer — Click Here for more

The Rising Firefly Magazine, the Kemetic Magazine of Culture, Philosophy and Spirituality, is now for sale across the USA, in Canada and in Africa. See why the Firefly is the most-respected magazine of its kind. Learn more here

The Chicago Sunnyside focuses on more political issues and has become one of Chicago's most sought-after monthly publication. See why

The Original 77 Commandments are the foundation of Earth Center and MTAM philosophy and spirituality. These are the original and complete set of commandments from which the 10 commandments and the 42 principles of Maat are based. Learn More Here.

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Horus Speaks: Initiation Knowledge from Master Naba  Click Here!
 The Real History of Europe Part One
The Real History of Europe Part Two: Aliens?
The Real History of Europe Part Three: Religion
The Lost Gods
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Herbs and Healing: Your complete guide and resource to health and alternative treatments Coming Soon
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Purifications: Fire, Air, Water and Earth
How to: Build a Shrine, Cook a Medicine, Cook a spell, Make a talisman

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