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Reflection Ssh Error Codes


Please verify that your DECnet software Mdecnet.exe is loaded. Does SilkPerformer support testing a .NET SQL Client Data Provider against a SQL Server Database? Before you restart Reflection X with this setting, make sure Winsock.dll is in your path. How can I ensure that while recording large SQL statemenets the function recorded is not split over two lines in the bdf file and thus causing compile errors? Source

RX452 The specified host access security file name is invalid. If you click Yes, Reflection X will use an internal keyboard map that is based on the default US keyboard map (Us.kmp). If the connection is being refused altogether, the SSH server is probably not running, or you are connecting to the wrong port. How can I add multiple IP Addresses to a network card if it is not possible via the System Configuration Manager in SilkPerformer? find more info

Sftp Return Codes

RX5044 Unable to expand %s macro because local computer name and address could not be resolved. How can I convert a PKCS#12 [ pfx ] format certificate to a pem format, for use in SilkPerformer, using OpenSSL? Refer to your TCP/IP software documentation. The file does not exist or is invalid.

This update includes an option to suppress further warnings during your session, and a new Display setting “Ignore Windows taskbar.” For more information, see Technical Note 2127. How can I determine if a patch that was applied to the MMC machine has also been applied to an agent? Yes No Somewhat Not sure yet Additional comments about this tech note: Error: Your web browser must have JavaScript enabled to submit this feedback form. Ssh Error Code 255 It must be an integer between 1 and 9, inclusive. [Section 7.4.11, "Data Compression"]

ssh prints "rsh not available" and exits.

In the Log file box (X Server Settings dialog box), specify a path and file name to which you have write access. Make sure that the Domain Name Resolution settings for your computer are correct. RX3400 Unable to create a TCP socket. i thought about this Where else should I be looking?

Otherwise, you may be trying to copy a special file that it doesn't make sense to copy, such as a device node, socket, or named pipe. Openssh Error Codes If your systems don't agree on canonical hostnames, you'll have no end of trouble with RhostsRSA. If this does not solve the problem, try rebooting your computer. Otherwise, just choose another, unused port to forward.

This problem can occur when there doesn't appear to be any other program using your port, especially if you've been experimenting with the

Ssh Exit Codes

The X Window System supports mapping for only four characters per key. http://docstore.mik.ua/orelly/networking_2ndEd/ssh/ch12_02.htm How can I run 10 Vusers in a loadtest, each starting 20 seconds from one another and after each user completes one set of transactions the test will end? Sftp Return Codes Adding earth to .shosts allows [email protected] to access [email protected]

Some firewalls reject outbound connections from privileged ports. Sftp Error Code 255 Click Yes to interrupt this process, or click No to keep trying.

How can I reload a wsdl file, after it has been changed, into a current project? this contact form Before you restart Reflection X with this setting, make sure Pwsock.dll is in your path. RX1423 If the Kanji strings appear to be incorrect when pasting, please change to the correct Client encoding method setting. Log the font activity (Font Settings dialog box) and supply the log information to the developer of the X client application. Scp Error Codes

For example, on a RedHat Linux system:

# cp contrib/redhat/sshd.pam /etc/pam.d/sshd # chown root.root /etc/pam.d/sshd # chmod 644 /etc/pam.d/sshd If OpenSSH isn't using PAM, and password authentication still isn't working, the Can SilkPerformer be used to record Documentum desktop client 4.3.2.c? Can I record pop-up windows actions while recording my script? http://supercgis.com/error-code/refrigerator-lg-error-codes.html Close other applications and try again.

How can I resolve the error : "Installshield. 1601: Internal Error in windows Installer" received during the installation of SilkPerformer? Sftp Return Codes Unix When using PAM, the OpenSSH code doesn't read the passwd map directly; the PAM libraries do it instead. Can I use TrueLog Explorer"s "Customize Session Handling" feature with a Browser-Level API script?

Does SilkPerformer support recording NTLM through a Proxy Server?

For a list of SSH or SCP return codes that apply to later Reflection versions, see Technical Note 2285. Compile and install the new binaries. For example, the Reflection for Secure IT SSH client 7.2 does not support the -2 switch or ConnectTimeout option. Openssh Return Codes SSH1 and SSH2 keys aren't compatible.

I specified a key manually, using -i or IdentityFile, but it never gets used!

How can I make my monitor graph show real values e.g. Does SilkPerformer support Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR)? Log the font activity (Font Settings dialog box) to determine the required font. Check This Out Extract the source tarball to a working directory tar -jxvf /third-party/pdsh-2.29.tar.bz2 -C 2.

To update the fonts database, click Directory > Build Fonts.dir. A copy of the source tarball is available in the "third-party" subdirectory in the Intel® Cluster Checker installation directory (referenced below as "clck_install_path"). SSH2 is installed in the usual place, under /usr/local, whereas F-Secure is installed under /usr/local/f-secure. This path, which is specified during installation, must exist and you must be able to write to it.

How can I force my VUsers to "Logoff" when they go into the Suspended state during an All Day workload test? How can I check the length of the server response is greater or less than a specified value? Disable sshd 's printing by setting the serverwide configuration keyword PrintMotd to no.

When I log in, I see two messages about email, such as "No mail" or "You have mail." Can SilkPerformer test the PSANALYTIC services used by PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Managment?

Extensions are assigned automatically based on file type. How can I set JVM attributes or parameters when using Java Explorer? How can I resolve the error "Value cannot be null. You can connect to an XDMCP host only over TCP/IP.

We've seen this behavior when the PGP key (generated on the client machine) doesn't have sufficient bits for the PGP implementation on the server machine. How can I make all users in a load test print to the monitor window? You didn't really want to copy that file, did you?

Why don't wildcards or shell variables work on the scp command line? But it didn't seem to make any difference.

If it can't, this should show up when running ssh -v.