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Regopenkeyex Error Outofmemory


line %d of %s Cause: The state machine of the plugin parser was expecting the other part of a comment but found something else. Message: ws_transport: transportInitializeSecurity: Keyring wasn't set Cause: The keyring wasn't set for this transport. Check OS for other errors or memory leak. Message: lib_htrequest: htrequestWriteRequestLine: Failed writing the new line Cause: Write to socket failed Resolution: Examine log for other errors. have a peek here

Message: ws_common: wlmExecute: Failed to get the server list Cause: No server list configured Resolution: Ensure backends configured for servers on this route Message: ws_list: listAddToTail: Failed to create list element Message: ws_common: websphereExecute: Failed to write request to server. Not the answer you're looking for? Message: ws_common: websphereUpdateConfig: Failed to open log: %s Cause: The log file that the plugin uses to write errors to failed to be opened.

Regopenkeyex Error 5

Resolution: Contact IBM support. Soit is ATL problem also.And last issues: KEY_READ option doesn't help.Thanks,Michael"Alexander Nickolov" <***@mvps.org> wrote in message news:#***@TK2MSFTNGP09.phx.gbl...You need KEY_READ, not KEY_WRITE when you open the key.Other than that, you may have I don't want to read the Default value '(default)'.    I want to read a key named 'Default' , which is created by me...   Code Snippet if(RegQueryValue(hcpl,"Default", NULL, &cch) == NO_ERROR

Message: ws_common: websphereHandleRequest: Failed to retrieve update DWLM table retrieved from '%s'on host '%s'; using WLM to route request Cause: DWLM could not be retrieved Resolution: Check backend configuration. Cause: GSKit registry location not found. (Windows Only) Resolution: Make sure that the GSKit was installed properly and registry keys exist (and point to the correct location) in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\IBM\GSK$\CurrentVersion\ (where $ Message: ws_common: websphereInit: Failed to load the config file Cause: Something in the loading of the configuration went wrong. Regopenkeyex Example Must use handle returned by DllLoad 3393 AddExtender: Too many extenders added 3394 AddExtender: Extender dll not found 3395 AddExtender: Not a valid extender 3396 AddExtender: Extender table full 3397 List

Can anybody offer a suggestion? Regopenkeyex Error 2 Message: lib_security: loadSecurityLibrary: gsk_environment_close function undefined Cause: The function name could not be resolved. Check configuration and check OS for return code Message: ws_reqmetrics: getIP: Failed to get IP Cause: Address resolution failed Resolution: Ensure configuration has valid resolvable IP address Message: ws_reqmetrics: getIP: Failed https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/237304 This could get messy as there are a lot of machines affected.

Resolution: Install the correct version of the GSK. Regopenkeyex Failed Resolution: Review configuration for errors. Message: lib_stream: openStream: Failed in r_gsk_attribute_set_buffer: %s(gsk rc = %d Cause: Call to the GSK failed. I've also uploaded exactly this code (well with real emails :) ) to my live server and it seems to work just fine Iain Reply Iain 6 Posts Re:

Regopenkeyex Error 2

Incorrect version of the GSK installed. http://dalowodo.webclot.org/g3nbd4643.php The only reason you would see this is if memory allocation failed (malloc returned NULL). Regopenkeyex Error 5 On return it contains the size of buffer returned.   Code Snippet unsigned long lpcbData=100;...RegQueryValueEx(hcpl,"Masca",NULL,NULL,(byte *)lpDataback1,&lpcbData);   //position 1// now lpcbData is equal the length of "Masca" value m_value=_T(lpDataback1);// the next call Regopenkeyex Msdn Reboot to free memory.

Resolution: Ensure that the correct GSK version is installed. navigate here Resolution: Install the correct version of the GSK. Message: domino5_plugin: domino_parse_headers: Unknown state parsing headers: |%s| Cause: The state machine used to parse the headers entered an unknown state. Resolution: Ensure that the correct GSK version is installed. Regopenkeyex Access Denied

Message: lib_security: initializeSecurity: Failed to initialize GSK environment Cause: The environment could not be initialized successfully. Resolution: Verify sufficient memory in machine, Reboot. Resolution: This error should only be seen if a bug has been introduced on the app server side. Check This Out Message: lib_htrequest: htrequestWrite: just_read is %d; reading of chunked content failed Cause: Write to socket failed, server may have gone down.

Resolution: Increase maximum headers in configuration or limit senders on headers Message: lib_htrequest: htrequestGetCookieValue: failed to create list for %s cookie Cause: Memory error. Regopenkeyex Returns 5 Tom Kaminski (former IIS MVP 2002-2010) http://mvp.support.microsoft.com/ Reply Iain 6 Posts Re: 'Out of Memory' trying to send email with IIS 6.0 Jul 06, 2009 11:02 AM|Iain|LINK tomkmvp What code are Reply tomkmvp 9756 Posts MVPModerator Re: 'Out of Memory' trying to send email with IIS 6.0 Jul 08, 2009 01:35 PM|tomkmvp|LINK It's not IIS, it's ASP.NET and your code - how

Message: lib_htrequest: htrequestWrite: Failed writing the request line Cause: Write to socket failed Resolution: Examine log for other errors.

Message: lib_security: initializeSecurity: Failed to set gskit environment rc= Cause: gskit call failed Resolution: Consult gskit doc for error code; collect gskit trace Message: lib_security: logSKITPError: str_security (gsk error %d): %s Collect network trace to see if network errors or occurring. Message: lib_stream: destroyStream: Failed in r_gsk_secure_soc_close: %s(gsk rc = %d) Cause: Call to the GSK failed. Regopenkeyex Return Values Message: ws_route: routeSetVhostGroup: Attempted to set a NULL vhost group for route Cause: The name used for the virtual host group in the route does not match the name for any

Message: iis_plugin: GetFilterVersion: Failed to get the config file Cause: The path to the plugin config file could not be found in the registry. Resolution: Fix the typo or define the server group in the config file. Resolution: Contact IBM support. http://supercgis.com/regopenkeyex-error/regopenkeyex-error-5.html Resolution: Collect plugin trace during error and contact IBM support Message: ws_common: websphereGetPortForAppServer: Reqinfo and extReqinfo should be non null at this stage.

Message: ws_common: websphereGetConfigFilename: Config file path too long: %d for confFile: %d Cause: UNIX only. Resolution: The return code from the GSK should give you some clues as to what went wrong. Consult OS for return code information. Resolution: Determine why the client is calculating the content length incorrectly.

Collect network trace to see if network errors or occurring. Resolution: Consult OS for error. Resolution: Examine log for other errors. Cannot open. 1035 Clipboard does not contain text for CLIPAPPEND. 1036 Clipboard cannot hold that much text (>64000 bytes) 1037 Unable to get memory for clipboard.

Resolution: Check previous error messages to help narrow down what exactly might be the problem. Message: ws_common: websphereGetStream: Maximum allowed socket limit reached, socket %d. Incorrect version of the GSK installed. It could be that all servers have been marked down and the plugin doesn't have any available to handle the request.

Ensure OS is configured for sufficient mutexes. Draw an hourglass Equivalent for "Crowd" in the context of machines Does the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics necessarily imply every world exist? Resolution: Verify sufficient memory in machine, Reboot. Message: lib_htrequest: htrequestSetCookie: no '=' in cookie: |%s| Cause: Malformed request Resolution: Check send for error Message: lib_htrequest: htrequestSetCookie: too many headers Cause: Maximum number of headers reached.

Cause: Null pointer passed to function Resolution: Contact IBM support. Reboot system. Cause: Call to IIS failed Resolution: Ensure IIS is compatible level, report error to IBM.