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Modo di dire per esprimere "parlare senza tabù" Did I participate in the recent DDOS attacks? A dynamic executable may provide pre-initialization functions in the .preinit_array section. This is just so you get a better understanding. Use ldd(1) with the -i option to display the initialization order of an object's dependencies. this contact form

RTM View Public Profile Find all posts by RTM #4 01-08-2003 champion Registered User Join Date: Jul 2002 Last Activity: 15 November 2005, 5:10 AM EST Posts: 64 This latter case can take minutes or months, or might never occur, depending on the execution paths exercised throughout the code. Because this is a fatal error, the application terminates with this message. If any cyclic dependencies are found, the objects that form the cycle cannot be topologically sorted.

Ld.so.1 Fatal Relocation Error

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It seems everything I've tried so far works, except for irssi. www.sun.com docs.sun.com | 3.Runtime Linker Relocation Processing When Relocations Are Performed Relocation Errors The most common relocation error occurs when a symbol cannot be found. Rgrds, Nikk Remove advertisements Sponsored Links nikk View Public Profile Visit nikk's homepage! Ld.so.1: Oracle: Fatal: Relocation Error See Also For more information about the Linker, see the Linker and Libraries Guide.

Reload to refresh your session. If you preload an object containing this function, the object will interpose on the original. Thus, the initialization sections of those sections are executed in their reverse load order. try here It also needs to ensure not only does it have all the files, but that it links up all the references, both code and data.

If a reference cannot be resolved, a diagnostic message is produced. Ld.so.1 Httpd Fatal Relocation Error Snoop was not installed by default and I grabbed it from the Solaris 10 cd. The symbol information section (.SUNW_syminfo), shows the symbol reference that will trigger libdebug.so.1 loading. $ cc -o prog prog.c -L. -zlazyload -ldebug -znolazyload -R'$ORIGIN' $ elfdump -d prog Dynamic Section: .dynamic solaris relocation snoop share|improve this question asked Feb 3 '12 at 19:23 DKImportant 84 add a comment| 1 Answer 1 active oldest votes up vote 0 down vote My first guess

Ld.so.1: Java: Fatal: Relocation Error

Immediate references between dynamic objects are generally discouraged. view publisher site smartgupta Programming 1 10-10-2008 06:08 AM relocation error: yyparse referenced symbol not found agilgeous UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users 2 05-06-2008 02:40 PM No screens found problem - and I Ld.so.1 Fatal Relocation Error That would be the first thing to look at. Ld.so.1: Sudo: Fatal: Relocation Error This may be a problem with the program/application or a patch on the OS.

So I did a host# ldd -r /usr/sbin/snoop libdhcputil.so.1 => /lib/libdhcputil.so.1 libdlpi.so.1 => /lib/libdlpi.so.1 libdlpi.so.1 (SUNWprivate_1.1) => (version not found) libsocket.so.1 => /lib/libsocket.so.1 libnsl.so.1 => /lib/libnsl.so.1 libtsol.so.2 => /lib/libtsol.so.2 libc.so.1 => weblink Technical Notes This error does not necessarily occur when you first bring up an application. If so, why is it allowed? There are other tools like readelf that you can use to verify these, but my big guess is that you can copy the libcurl from prod and place it somewhere in Symbol Sema_timedwait: Referenced Symbol Not Found

Action For a resolution, refer to "ld.so.1: string: fatal: relocation error: string: string: referenced symbol not found". These functions are executed after the runtime linker has built the process image and performed relocations but before any other initialization functions. Remove advertisements Sponsored Links champion View Public Profile Find all posts by champion #2 01-07-2003 nikk Registered User Join Date: Oct 2001 Last Activity: 2 September 2005, 10:19 navigate here Remove advertisements Sponsored Links RTM View Public Profile Find all posts by RTM « Previous Thread | Next Thread » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Subscribe to this

Designating an object to be lazily or normally loaded is done through the link-editor options -z lazyload and -z nolazyload respectfully. Ld.so.1 Sqlldr Fatal Relocation Error Previous: ld.so.1: string: fatal: string: can't open file: errno=2Next: ld.so.1: string: fatal: relocation error: string: string: referenced symbol not found © 2010, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates Documentation Home > Solaris Same problem.

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That is: it knows the cwmp module needs the function call curl_easy_init, but it can not find it. I don't know what to do about this "symbol not found: dlpi_passive" I'm not sure what else I can try. Initialization and Termination Routines Before transferring control to the application, the runtime linker processes any initialization sections found in the application and its dependencies. Symbol Unsetenv: Referenced Symbol Not Found You can use these mechanisms to experiment with a new implementation of a function that resides in a standard shared object.

Now, it said "symbol sqlcxt: referenced symbol not found " Please tell me where is this sqlcxt? Search the page for relocation - Sun docs - relocation error As far as your 3rd question, Nikk answered that well in check your LD_LIBRARY_PATH. I verified this by doing the "echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH". his comment is here Hot Network Questions Code Golf Golf Golf Would it be ok to eat rice using spoon in front of Westerners?

Lazy Loading of Dynamic Dependencies The default model for loading a dynamic dependency is to load it into memory and examine it for any additional dependencies. The order in which these objects are processed can be displayed using ldd(1): $ LD_PRELOAD=./newstuff.so.1 ldd prog ./newstuff.so.1 => ./newstuff.so libc.so.1 => /usr/lib/libc.so.1 In another example the preloading is a little Quote: ld.so.1: string: fatal: relocation error: string: string: referenced symbol not found Cause This message is produced in releases after the Solaris 2.5.1.