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Replication Error Acquiring Replica Duplicate Replica Id Detected

NOTE If attribute encryption is enabled, a secure connection is required for the encrypted attributes to be replicated. I could reproduce the problem. [12/Jan/2011:14:13:36 -0800] NSMMReplicationPlugin - agmt="cn=agmt1" (kiki:10390): Unable to aquire replica: the replica has the same Replica ID as this one. In the Update Settings section, specify the bind DN that the supplier will use to bind to the replica. Set the schedule for when replication runs. http://supercgis.com/replication-error/replication-error-acquiring-replica-replica-busy.html

All rights reserved. Replication is aborting.159[05/Oct/2012:08:21:57 -0400] NSMMReplicationPlugin - agmt="cn=meTovm-063.idm.lab.bos.redhat.com" (vm-063:389): Incremental update failed and requires administrator action160[05/Oct/2012:08:50:00 -0400] NSMMReplicationPlugin - conn=127 op=5 replica="dc=idm,dc=lab,dc=bos,dc=redhat,dc=com": Unable to acquire replica: error: duplicate replica ID detected161[05/Oct/2012:08:50:00 -0400] Fix the configuration. 12 Replication session aborted Solution: The consumer is disabled. To see the errors, turn on the replication error logging, log level 8192.

The part of the log showing this in the cloned OCSP is as follows: [29/Apr/2015:10:38:29][http-bio-22443-exec-3]: DatabasePanel? The first 8 bytes are the timestamp. To select attributes that will not be replicated to the consumer, check the Enable Fractional Replication checkbox. The change takes effect for the next update session if one is already in progress.

For example, do not initialize server1 from server2 if server2 has already been initialized from server1. For information on initializing consumers, see Section 8.10, “Initializing Consumers”. nsds5ReplicaBusyWaitTime. Then, I start setting the same thing up, but I start with B and assign 1 as id.

OCSP master was created with interactive method. Is there a way to find out when I have to set nsds5BeginReplicaRefresh to start? >>>> >>>> In any case, this does not explain that I fix the issue by resetting Then, I disable on both boxes the replication. On C: createAgreement(D) >>>>> 8.

Clear the unlimited checkboxes to specify different values. This time it failed because the cloned OCSP's debug log is reporting a problem with negotiating the various replication agreement steps. In the navigation tree, expand the Replication folder, and highlight the replica database. Exception: netscape.ldap.LDAPException: error result (68)17[29/Apr/2015:10:38:30][http-bio-22443-exec-3]: enableReplication: replicadn: cn=replica,cn="o=pki-tomcat-OCSP",cn=mapping tree,cn=config18[29/Apr/2015:10:38:30][http-bio-22443-exec-3]: enableReplication: Successfully create cn=replica,cn="o=pki-tomcat-OCSP",cn=mapping tree,cn=config entry.19[29/Apr/2015:10:38:30][http-bio-22443-exec-3]: setupReplication: Finished enabling replication20[29/Apr/2015:10:38:30][http-bio-22443-exec-3]: createReplicationAgreement: dn: cn=masterAgreement1-localhost.localdomain-pki-clone,cn=replica,cn="o=pki-tomcat-OCSP",cn=mapping tree,cn=config21[29/Apr/2015:10:38:30][http-bio-22443-exec-3]: About to set description attr to masterAgreement1-localhost.localdomain-pki-clone22[29/Apr/2015:10:38:30][http-bio-22443-exec-3]: createReplicationAgreement:

It's possible that the replica does something goofy and doesn't 82 * return us an update vector, so be prepared for ruv to be NULL (but this is 83 * an We want to bail on sending 439 * updates if the return value is non-0. */ 440 if (prp->repl90consumer) 441 { 442 int is_total = 0; 443 444 /* Check if Specify the URL for any supplier servers to which to refer updates. Increase the interval as needed until there is an acceptable distribution of consumer access among the suppliers.

We will free them anyway in case they 639 * are used in the future. */ 640 extop_rc = decode_repl_ext_response(retdata, &extop_result, 641 (struct berval ***)&ruv_bervals, &data_guid, &data); 642 643 slapi_ch_free_string(&data_guid); 644 check my blog Start the protocol. */ 211 212 /* Obtain a current CSN */ 213 replarea_sdn = agmt_get_replarea(prp->agmt); 214 current_csn = get_current_csn(replarea_sdn); 215 if (NULL != current_csn) 216 { 217 struct berval *payload Normally, this is all right; the supplier simply sends its update to another consumer while the first consumer is locked and then send updates when the first consumer is free again. NOTE After creating a replication agreement, the connection type (SSL or non-SSL) cannot be changed because LDAP and LDAPS connections use different ports.

Fractional replication controls which entry attributes are replicated between servers. The supplier bind DN is the special entry that the supplier will use to bind to the consumer. The supplier bind DN should be the entry created in step 2. this content The problem seems to be that we don't use replica ID ranges like we do with the CA and KRA.

nsds5ReplicaSessionPauseTime. Then if the replica is added back with the different replica id , the original nsds50ruv value {replica ldap://:} was not updated. Can you post a stack trace? > -Reinhard > > -----Original Message----- > From: 389-users-bounces at lists.fedoraproject.org > [mailto:389-users-bounces at lists.fedoraproject.org] On Behalf Of Rich > Megginson > Sent: Wednesday, August

Click Save. 8.5.2. Configuring the Read-Only Replicas on the Consumer Servers First, configure every consumer.

Then create replication agreements for all of the consumers from for all of the other suppliers, but do not reinitialize any of the consumers. The Replica Settings tab for that database opens in the right-hand side of the window. In the first screen, fill in a name and description for the replication agreement, and hit Next. You may want to decrease the import cache size and rerun import.7[05/Oct/2012:07:20:33 -0400] - Import allocates 407952KB import cache.8[05/Oct/2012:07:20:34 -0400] - import userRoot: Beginning import job...9[05/Oct/2012:07:20:34 -0400] - import userRoot: Index

ldap_err2string(error) : "unknown error"); 524 agmt_set_last_update_status(prp->agmt, error, NSDS50_REPL_CONN_ERROR, 525 "Unable to receive the response for a startReplication " 526 "extended operation to consumer. Initialize consumer on Master 1 If the initializing consumer is successful, the bug has been verified. If Directory Server has to automatically reset the value of nsds5ReplicaSessionPauseTime, the value is changed internally only. have a peek at these guys Comment 7 Amita Sharma 2011-05-10 03:56:23 EDT Test Steps =========== 1.

Replication is aborting. [12/Jan/2011:14:13:36 -0800] NSMMReplicationPlugin - agmt="cn=agmt1" (kiki:10390): Incremental update failed and requires administrator action Comment 4 Noriko Hosoi 2011-01-13 17:41:55 EST Created attachment 473440 [details] git patch file (master) Then I do the same for B with the id 2. Click Save. The nsds5ReplicaSessionPauseTime attribute sets the amount of time in seconds a supplier should wait between update sessions.

Directory Server supports 4-way multi-master replication. Specify the URL for any supplier servers to which to refer updates, such as the other suppliers in the multi-master replication set. ldap_err2string(error) : "unknown error"); 635 } 636 637 /* We need to pass data_guid and data in even though they 638 * are not used here. If no suppliers are set here, updates are referred to the supplier servers that have a replication agreement that includes the current replica.

This will take more investigation to best determine a course of action.. Let's say, I just have two MM A <--> B. Will retry later.\n", 522 agmt_get_long_name(prp->agmt), 523 error ? On D: createAgreement(C) >>>>> 9.

Hit Next. Replication is aborting.162[05/Oct/2012:08:50:00 -0400] NSMMReplicationPlugin - agmt="cn=meTovm-063.idm.lab.bos.redhat.com" (vm-063:389): Incremental update failed and requires administrator action Download in other formats: Original Format Powered by Trac 0.12.5 By Edgewall Software.