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Replication Error Updating Replica Incremental Update Session Aborted

Otherwise, contact Sun Technical Support.5653: Distribution plugin returned wrong backend: backend index index (range 0..max) for entry DN at node DN Cause: One of the following: No attribute value exists for Add a password storage scheme to the configuration file, or change the specified scheme, and restart the server. 4121 Error Invalid scheme: scheme. Increase the virtual memory available to your server, or reduce the size of the server's maximum entries in cache (cachesize) or maximum database cache size (dbcachesize) parameters. 5137 Error ber_bvdup of While this list is not exhaustive, the information presented in this chapter will serve as a good starting point for common problems. http://supercgis.com/replication-error/replication-error-acquiring-replica-duplicate-replica-id-detected.html

Return. 993 */ 994 /* XXXggood update state in replica */ 995 dev_debug("windows_inc_run(STATE_STOP_NORMAL_TERMINATION)"); 996 done = 1; 997 break; 998 } 999 1000 slapi_log_error(SLAPI_LOG_REPL, windows_repl_plugin_name, 1001 "%s: State: %s -> %s\n", Solution: Make more memory available to Directory Server.4789: Out of memory to create a pwd item. (error code - string). There is an error in the LDIF syntax of the entry. It may also be necessary to reinitialize the consumer. 8195 Error Pending changes: error value.

Solution: Correct the error in the client code.4159: Bad controls in the UNBIND. System error (file system full, incorrect permissions, etc.) Check the log file for more information and restart the server. 4134 Error Cannot backup DSE file filename. Solution: Make more memory available to Directory Server.4793: Failed to generate symmetric key. The server was unable to access to its own internal schema entry.

Check that the nsssltoken attribute is present in the cipher family entry, and that it has a valid value. 4745 Error Security Initialization: Unable to find slot for variable cipher family Check that the library path and the init function name are correct. 4152 Error Unknown plugin type type. Restart the server.4786: Crypto mechanism not supported by this server. Resource limit initialization failed.

See the error log for more information and contact Sun ONE Technical Support. 5024 Error Unable to create global tasks lock. The database could not be exported because the specified backend could not be found. Will retry later.\n", 1355 agmt_get_long_name(prp->agmt), 1356 entry.op->target_address.uniqueid, csn_str, 1357 error ? https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E20295_01/html/821-1225/common-error-codes.html Cause: The server was unable to change the user and group identity to the specified user.

Ordinarily, this error should not occur. Cause: The security initialization required by the attribute encryption feature failed. To work around this issue, follow these steps. An error occurred while attempting to remove attribute values.

When that entry is replicated to a supplier that runs an earlier version, the supplier cannot process any modifications to that entry. recommended you read The server was unable to set the SSL export policy. Partial replication has not been started. The LDAP attribute type that can be consulted in the bound entry to determine the limit's value is already registered.

Check that the current user has sufficient access rights to create the temp directory and retry. 4747 Error Security Initialization: Unable to set SSL export policy (error error) Security initialization error. have a peek at these guys This is likely to be a resource problem. Make more room in the temp directory and try again. The partial replication configuration has been modified.

Generate a symmetric key for the cryptography mechanism or choose a supported mechanism. 4793 Error Failed to generate symmetric key. Value of attribute ds5ReplicaTransportConcurrencyLevel is invalid. Also check the error logs on the consumers. 12289 Error PR_Accept() failed error variable (variable) The TCP port to which you are attempting to bind is already in use. http://supercgis.com/replication-error/replication-error-acquiring-replica-replica-busy.html Solution: If the other process is not an import process, run db2ldif.pl -r instead.

Solution: Check the nsslapd-parent-suffix attribute of the entry in the Directory Server configuration.5642: Node node is either a 'backend' or 'referral on update' node therefore it must define a backend (attribute Continuing with total update session. - Total update is aborted on the client side Since DS (https://fedorahosted.org/389/ticket/47788), UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM of a replicated operation is seen as a fatal error in the Check the application that added or modified the entry. 5897 Error Entry entry attribute attribute is not allowed.

and disconnect, if currently connected */ 1234 conn_disconnect(prp->conn); 1235 } 1236 1237 /* 1238 * Go to sleep until awakened. 1239 */ 1240 static void 1241 protocol_sleep(Private_Repl_Protocol *prp, PRIntervalTime duration) 1242

Solution: Delete the attribute and add a new set of values.5398: Duplicate value addition in attribute "type" of entry "DN" Cause: A client is trying to add duplicate values for the This is an error in the client code. Free up resources on the machine and restart the server. 5012 Error Restore failed (error error) The restore process failed. A database error occurred.

Solution: Check the error log for more information. Backing off, will retry update later."); 1096 next_state = STATE_BACKOFF_START; 1097 } else if (rc == UPDATE_FATAL_ERROR){ 1098 dev_debug("repl5_inc_run(STATE_SENDING_UPDATES) -> send_updates = UPDATE_FATAL_ERROR -> STATE_STOP_FATAL_ERROR"); 1099 next_state = STATE_STOP_FATAL_ERROR; 1100 } Once the problem has been solved, you will need to update the replication agreement and reinitiate updates. 8294 Error _cl5TrimFile: Removing changelog file filename as it belongs to an unexisting replica. this content LDAP error.

After you remove a replicated Directory Server instance from a replication topology, replication update vectors can continue to maintain references to the instance. Cause: A plug-in configuration entry does not have a recognized plug-in type. Construct an appropriate LDAP 1301 * operation, attach the baggage LDAPv3 control that contains the CSN, etc., 1302 * and send the operation to the consumer. 1303 */ 1304 ConnResult 1305 Limitations are not always associated with a change request number.

Cause: The server is unable to create a restore thread. Ensure that attributes are decrypted (i.e. This kind of database is unable to perform an import. In particular, 1191 * 1) it does not catch any events 1192 * 2) it is a terminal state (once reached it never transitions to a different state) 1193 * 1194

NSS initialization failed. Where possible use the dsconf command instead. If it is an import process, stop the running import process before launching db2ldif.4615: Unable to run db2ldif because the process process is importing the database Cause: Unable to run db2ldif Solution: Use the -Y pwd or -y pwd-file arguments when executing the ldif2db command.4634: Security initialization for attribute encryption failed.

Bug1377730 - Replica install fails with old IPA master sometimes during replication process Summary: Replica install fails with old IPA master sometimes during replication process Status: POST Aliases: None Product: Red The server was unable to obtain the required token (from the nsssltoken attribute). Cause: The attribute nscpEntryWSI cannot be computed by a user who is not the Directory Manager. The server failed to add a value to the value tree.

You may have to reinitialize the remote replica, "  10471035 "or the local replica.\n", agmt_get_long_name(prp->agmt));  1048  The mapping tree node could not be created. Solution: Check the value in the configuration file and set a valid value.4137: Attempting to delete a child entry whose existence is unknown to the parent. It has never been initialized.\n", 1026 agmt_get_long_name(prp->agmt)); 1027 agmt_set_last_update_status(prp->agmt, 0, NSDS50_REPL_RUV_ERROR, 1028 "Replica is not initialized"); 1029 next_state = STATE_BACKOFF_START; 1030 break; 1031 case EXAMINE_RUV_GENERATION_MISMATCH: 1032 slapi_log_error(SLAPI_LOG_FATAL, repl_plugin_name, 1033 "%s: The

There is an invalid change record in the changelog. Check that the value of the attribute nsslapd-errorlog-level under cn=config in the dse.ldif file is set, and is correct. 5253 Error Bad value for nsslapd-maxdescriptors. Backing off, will retry update later.");  11181114 next_state = STATE_BACKOFF_START;  11191115 Could not find database for suffix.