• Platform Independent (It will run on your web server: NT, 95, Unix...)
  • Can handle even the largest stores, super fast!
  • Supports an unlimited number of products
  • Using the Javascript version, no database is required!
  • Easily adjustable template files, you can make it look however you like!
  • Supports English 's
  • Order confirmation can be emailed to the customer as well via a adjustable template file
  • Order can be emailed to you as well as others in your company

  • Many add-on modules are available to allow for flexibility and site expansion:
  • Ability for customer to do complex searches of your products.
  • Ability to store the order information into a database or contact manager.
  • Handles saving customer info so future orders can be made with userid/passwd
  • Credit Card processing for any provider you choose
  • Can store orders on your secure servers for cc #'s safety
  • Sell access to directories on a timed basis
  • Add new products online via an admin interface.
  • Ability to track click-thrus from other sites and
    give discounts to visitors that are coming from sites where
    you are advertising.
  • Comprehensive Hit Statistics via Super Stats Add-On Package,
    gives you detailted statistic reports on the user's hit path
    through your site, as well as, the time they spent per page.

  • New Additions that are now included with the basic cart:
  • Multiple types of shipping (UPS Ground, Overnight, Fex Ex 2 day...)
  • Shipping by weight, number of items, and/or price
  • Extraneous Field support like Color and Size for clothes.
  • Order Multiple items at once (See Demos)
  • Ability to support multiple languages through seperate
    template files.