The Super Site Searcher

With the Super Site Searcher, you can host your own internet
search engine. Place
search forms anywhere on your site. Your
users can submit the urls, you can review them, then all the ones
you like can be allowed to go into the search engine. Or you can
just add urls of your choosing and allow your users to search from
your select list. All of which can be done via the
web-based searcher admin area!

Handles 20,000+ urls, so your site can operate for quite a while
before upgrading. The SQL module can be added to unlimit the
number of urls. You would then be only limited by your server's memory
and cpu! Adding a second server to shoulder some of the load is easy.
The SQL module supports most any real database server: MSQL,
Mysql, Oracle, Informix...

You can also select categories for the search engine to use.
This helps users get to the site they are looking for faster.
Categories can easily be set by you.

The html template files allow you to easily adjust the look
of the output pages. First, you define the each item, which
is how each search return is formatted. Then you define the
actual html that surrounds the returned items, and you choose where
to put the search terms. The caching module is now included free.
This speeds things up by only generating output if the database
has changed or if the template file is new!

Try view source on this template page: Search Output Template