• Works with Windows Systems (Linux support should be easy to add)
  • Needs a computer capable of recording video
  • A fast internet connection
  • Dialup will work for getting the listings data
  • Currently supports most capture cards for video input
  • If your capture card, works with Movie Maker, ATI TV player, or ChrisTV, you should be ok.
  • An IR Blaster, If you can't change channels with your tv remote(ie satellite)
  • Tivo - The IR blaster can be set to start the tivo for recording. You could then watch the recorded program on your unsubscribed TIVO
  • Remote Control - The ATI Remote control is great to control your computer from the TV room. (~$50)
  • AM/FM Radio support - This may be supported in the future if requested, since many capture cards come with a radio tuner now. It will be good for timed recordings of radio talk shows and what not.
  • Wireless Video Sender, If your computer is far away from your preferred TV. We may have some of these for $80 soon. Of course, you can hook directly up via a long cable from your video card.
  • If you need a video capture card, video sender unit, or the remote, we may have some available, email for info.
  • Have a different video capture card?, its really just a matter of adding support for the recording software.
    Email with your card/software and I can make it work for you