Internet Birthday Sites - More Details!
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What do I get?

You get full editing of your birthday page!
Plus, it resides on our server so you don't need to have
any sort of web site to participate. Think of it has a plug
and play web site for you. You can choose from any pictures,
backgrounds, and background music files to add to the site.
If you know html, you can add any html tags to the page that you
can come up with.

Are these sites shown to the world?

Of course, this particular page is the only one that is shown
world-wide, your site will not be advertised by The Independent
Solution in any way. If you would like it to be shown worldwide,
you can always go to our SuperLink Adder and advertise it yourself.

Your site will be up for, at least, four weeks. probably longer
until I start to run out of disk space.

How it works?

Your birthday web page will be
So you might want to choose a username that has something to do with the
person's birthday that you are getting this for. It will be activated within 24 hours.

You, personally, will get access to an admin editor via the password, so that you may
adjust the look of the actual page. Anyone that visits the page can only add their
comments/pictures/urls to the site.

Here is a sample to look at, if you dont know what it is yet.