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12/04/2020 - 12:55 AM Eastern Standard Time USA

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Autonomy Publishing Corp. Home Page
Random Fortune: I got tired of listening to the recording on the phone at the movie theater. So I bought the album. I got kicked out of a theater the other day for bringing my own food in. I argued that the concession stand prices were outrageous. Besides, I hadn't had a barbecue in a long time. I went to the theater and the sign said adults $5 children $2.50. I told them I wanted 2 boys and a girl. I once took a cab to a drive-in movie. The movie cost me $95. -- Steven Wright
Super X10 - Home Automation & Security Camera package coming soon...
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Super PVR

Forget Tivo and ReplayTv, this web-based personal
video recorder will solve all of your problems.
Make better use of your home computer. Need
more recording time, add a bigger hard drive.
If you have a dvd writer, you can burn any of your
recorded shows to dvds. Schedule future recordings from work.
No monthly fee, since the guide data is taken from the
web!!! Watch your recent recordings while on vacation,
if you have access to a fast connection.

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The Super Link Adder - Free Submission of your web links
The Ebonicsizer - Free Translation of your favorite web links,
simple to use, a good time all around, funny comedy for everyone
Super Stats - Web hit statistics tracking day by day, no waiting
and wondering. Shows user hit path and time spent on each page.
Calculates daily, weekly, and monthly hit reports automatically.
Install is free!
Works with any operating system, Windows NT or Unix.
Shopping cart - the best cart on the web, simple to use easy to setup, cheap to purchase, buy it today.
Classifeds ads - Free classifieds ads, scripting eliminates the need for any management. just setup and go!
Java Chat - dynamic interactive chat for your web site, include drawing and file transfer options.
Video Poker - Add a game to your site, allow your visitors to play for money. Can be integrated with cyberCash.

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