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The Independent Solution is here to help you
with any computer project.

  • Installation of pre-written scripts
  • Custom CGI and Java coded for your server
  • Custom windows and unix applications
  • Purchasing a Web Server or Home Computer System
  • On-site setup of your server(Unix or NT)
  • Installation of software on your server (Perl,Sendmail,Apache...)
  • Remote System Administration of your server

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Here is a list of possible solutions for your web site:

Super Searcher

Searches all of the search engines and displays the results
in order of how fast they return. It also has a best response
button to try and figure out what you want rather then what
the engines return.(Work in Progress)


Slide Show Applet

Show a series of pictures with description on a single page viewable from a web browser.


Personalized Web sites!

This is what all the big sites are doing now a days, like My Yahoo. It allows visitors to have customized settings on your web site, i.e. they can add their own urls or maybe change the background color. Just customize it to the way they would like it to be. Good for company intranets.
1. SuperLinkAdder
(Allow your users to add their urls to any of the various
search engines from one page.)
2. Java Chat Client/Server
(Put a live chat room on your web site, stop
wasting money on phone calls, use a more versatile way
to communicate. Chat allows you to navigate your fellow
chatters to some web pages that you want them to see. Also,
chat in different groups and use a net whiteboard for sketching
3. Member Trading Center
(passwd protected web pages + add/del/modify/searchable database)
4.Business Contact Manager
(Keep track of your contacts via a web based database system.
Save all important information about your clients in an easy
searchable format.)
5. User hit tracker
(Track users,browser types, referer url, time per page, computer and os type,
Can also be setup to require signing guest book before viewing any of your site.

Try another version, it seems useful to know how long a visitor stays
on each page and which pages they use.)
6. Shopping carts
(Sell your wares on the web, allows users to view/buy
any items you wish to sell. You can add pictures and
descriptions to all of the items for sale. Also, allows
for grouping of the various products into categories.)
7. Link Categorization with integrated database
8. Link Categorization with voting like Yahoo
9.Secure Forms processor
(saves to database, allows view/edit/del of submissions
on web server in passwd protected dir)
10.PGP Encrypted forms processor
(More Secure then a standard form)
11.Super forms processor
12.Online Credit Card Payment setup
13.Web-based Newsgroups/Bulletin Board System
14. File Upload Capabilities
(Need to have people upload files to you over the net?,
Then this is for you.)
15. Video camera on the net
(Allow people to monitor various parts of the world from
your online camera.)
16.Year 2000 solutions
(Depending on the severity, we can go as far as to recoding
your programs from cobol to C/Perl. You will regain the
flexibility your system has been lacking since your code
became outdated.)
17.Htpasswd, CGI, JavaScript or Java-Based Password protection
(Protect your private web pages from general use in any way
you prefer)

Personalized birthday sites!

Give that someone special their own page for their special day!, Hosted on our server, once its setup it just goes on its own. You only need to tell all of that person's friends to stop by and sign it at some point before the actual birthday.

Classified ad sites

Totally customizable classified web sites. Allow your users to post their own items up for sale. It also has support for the banner ads above and for branding with other sites on the net.

Test Taker 1.0

Give exams over the web and have the results generated automatically. Also, it allows for cummulative grading reports.


Writing Cataloger

Allows users to input their short stories to the site for others to read.

If you need something written or would like
one of the scripts above, lets talk.

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