Super Cart 1.6

If you thought the Simple Cart was cool, check this out:
With this package you can now sell your inventory to the entire world and do it with style :)

Check out the Super Cart Demo
(It also supports whatever the Simple Cart can do!)

Also, The Cart FAQ

This page will tell you how easy it is to setup.

Step 1: Create the main page for your shopping site.
Step 2: Make a database of all your products, include pricing and a unique product id for each item. You can have as many fields in the database as you like. The price and the product id are the only required fields. If you are already selling products, you probably already have some sort of database like this. Also, add a category field, so that item will get grouped will all the other items in that category.
Step 3: Adjust the default category display template file to suit the look of your site and the fields in your database. You can then make seperate template files for each individual category, if you wish to have a different look for that page.

No more creating links to every single item like the Simple Cart:
<a href="/cgi-bin/">

You create one link in these new template files like so:
<a href="/cgi-bin/*(PRODID)">

Then from your main category listings page call the cart like this:
<a href="/cgi-bin/">

Then the shopping cart will show all the pages dynamically from the database!
If you adjust an item in the database, that will appear on the site automatically.
Step 4:
Adjust the other shopping cart template pages to fit the look you desire. The templates allow you to define the dynamic parts of the page, which are generated by the cgi script, as well as the static.
Shopping Cart Total Page
User Info/Order Page
Final Return Page
Customer Email Template
You should be all set, users can now shop on your site!

Here is a sample of the emails you would recieve.

You may also need to setup the shipping prices and
the taxes
files, depending on your needs.

You might also want to add the extra options (like size,color).
You can add those easily by merely cutting and pasting the html from the
demo cart.

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