The Super Auction!

This is a little bit different then a shopping cart
but it is a good way to sell stuff. Customers like the
idea of getting bargains
, and with auctions bargains can
seem a lot more likely to the customer. Hence you may get
better sales!

Anyways, with this package, I do more of the setup then you.
The shopping carts required you to make a database and set it up
but the auction site will make its own database as people add items.
You can even add items from your store that you wish to sell quickly.

Basically, all you have to do is edit the html template files to
your liking. Or you can just leave them set at default if
you like.

Then user's can sign up to the site and recieve
a password. It will automatically register people on the fly.

You would need to make a web page of the various groups that
the auction has. The users can then go into these groups and
add their items for bidding. They can select a time period up
to a month. Then other users can bid on that item. When the
time period is up, the script notifies you
and the customer
with the appropriate information.

The Best way to see if you like it:

Check out the demo

  • Platform Independent (It will run on your web server: NT, 95, Unix...)
  • Can handle even the largest stores, super fast!
  • Setup is included for free, if you wish, no CGI knowledge required
  • Supports an unlimited number of products
  • Will be completely setup within a day or two of your payment.
  • Unlimited Email Techinal Support
  • Easily adjustable template files, you can make it look however you like!
  • Users can add their own items to the database
  • Other users can bid on those items
  • Order can be emailed to you as well as others in your company
  • When a user is out bid, they are notified via email
  • Allows for customer to do complex searches of your products
  • All information is stored in easily adjustable csv files
  • Email verification can be turned on to ensure valid email addresses
  • Web admin area allows you to add/delete categories
  • Online editing module, allows you to change pending/active status via the web
  • Web admin area allows you to add/delete users and products (Online Editing Module)
  • Credit card processing module, allows for automated collecting of fees related to signup and any per sale commision you wish to charge.
  • A per sale commission percent can be specified which is stated in the final email of an auction

Pricing and Descriptions:

Online Ordering - Add items to your shopping cart by clicking on the prices.

Single Site Usage
(One Domain)
ISP Site License
(Unlimited Domains)
Super Auction 2.31$199 (USD)$1599 (USD)

Add-On Packages
Single Site Usage
(One Domain)
ISP Site License
(Unlimited Domains)
SQL database module$299 (USD)$999 (USD)
Advanced Product Search$249 (USD)$949 (USD)
Dynamic Product Display$199 (USD)$799 (USD)
Credit Card module$399 (USD)$1299 (USD)
More Advanced Add-on's
Online Product Editing$199 (USD)$799 (USD)
Yahoo Categories$299 (USD)$999 (USD)
My Auctions$599 (USD)$1999 (USD)
Buyer/Seller Ratings$499 (USD)$1999 (USD)

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